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Transcript of Covering Letter to Grand Lodge

Dear Sir and Wor. Brother,

In submitting for the consideration of the Most Worshipful the Grand Master the enclosed petition (in 2 sheets) for the grant of a warrant for a new Lodge under the title "The Imperial College Lodge" I am desired by the would be founders to place before you the following points in support.

The Imperial College under a Royal Charter of 1907 incorporated in one body the three following important and widely known Institutions:-

It holds a leading position throughout the British Empire in all branches of training and research in Science and Technology especially in their relation to industry. Thousands of its past students are holding important scientific and industrial positions throughout the four quarters of the Globe and some 3 to 4 hundred students go out from it into the world each year.

In view of the strong "esprit de corps" existing throughout both the large permanent staff and the past and present students of the College the desirability of a College Lodge has long been recognised. It is felt that this would add another bond of union among those scattered over distant lands: promote the maintenance of college ties and interests while abroad and afford a common meeting ground for all when at home. There need be no anxiety as the permanence or strength of the Lodge.

It is hoped moreover that a Lodge such as Imperial College Lodge in its connection with the higher branches of Science and Technology may indirectly effect an even wider purpose, - in attracting to Freemasonry more of those leading Scientists who for some reason or other are now but seldom found in the ranks of Freemasonry.

Of the 28 Brethren who desire to found this new Lodge all are personally and directly connected with the College, - 2 are Governors, 7 are members of the Professorial or Managerial Staff and the remaining 19 are ex-students.

In regard to the name by which it is desired to call the Lodge I should point out that there is no other Imperial College of any kind known to exist in the British Empire, and the likelihood of any other College of this name in the future is, in these days of imperial decentralization becoming increasingly remote. In any case the Imperial College feel that they have justly established such a right to this name as is never likely to be challenged.

The petition is submitted for favourable consideration with the hope that the Most Worshipful the Grand Master may be pleased to grant the desired warrant.

I remain

Yours faithfully and fraternally

Alexander Gow