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Is Freemasonry for Me?

If you had a chance to ask a number of Freemasons these three questions:

  1. What were your reasons for joining Freemasonry?
  2. Has Freemasonry met those expectations?
  3. What have you got out of Freemasonry, now you've joined?

The answers to these questions can be found out by clicking on the questions below:

The reasons for joining being:

  • Friendship, a sense of intrigue about the unknown, a wish to join a Fraternity;
  • a wish to become a better person;
  • to meet with like minded individual.

Basically it is probably what you as, the reader, are thinking about, when you are contemplating on becoming a Freemason. You can also read a speech given by a member of Imperial College Lodge about this subject by clicking here.

This would be a resounding YES and more!

The answer will probably be more complex and unique to the Freemason being asked. The enquirer would be able to build an eclectic view of what Freemasonry means to its members. It shows that Freemasonry offers the opportunity for an individual to become a better person through its history, mysteries, and philosophy. Freemasonry promotes.

  • Development of the Individual

  • There are a number of ways that Freemasonry can help develop an individual. It does depend on the person joining. However once a person is involved they can accomplish many things, which can assist them not only in Freemasonry, but in dealing with situations outside of the Fraternity.

    These include getting involved in the Lodge administration through attnding the Lodge committees; carrying out charity work on behalf of the Lodge. Both these actions present opportunities to develop leadership, communication and organisational skills.

    The learning of the ritual and participating during the ceremonies, builds self-discipline through commitment, poise and self confidence. It also increases presentation and public speaking skills. All this is done without ridicule or judgement as the individual is amongst friends, all of whom have had the experience of being in a similar position in the past, and their contribution would ultimately be encouragement and advice.

  • Sense of Achievement

  • Participating in the ceremonies is an accomplishment within itself. However there are other Lodge projects in which an individual can get involved in whether they are charitable or social in nature; they provide the opportunity to improve the success of the Lodge and encourage teamwork.

  • Friendship

  • Today the modern work environment has reduced or destroyed the social infrastructure that used to exist between co-workers; joining with like minded individuals in fraternal surroundings can assist in re-balancing that workplace fellowship loss.

  • An Escape from the Daily Work Routine

  • Freemasonry brings together men from differing and diverse backgrounds, where the daily pressures of a career, criticism and the excesses of modern life can be left outside the door and where friendship is the norm.

These attributes are summarised in the tenets, or fundamental principles of Freemasonry: Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth or to give them a more modern meaning: Friendship, Support and Integrity. If these values meet your requirements then Freemasonry would welcome you.

Every candidate for Freemasonry must affirm a belief in a single Supreme Being. This belief is a matter for the individual and Freemasonry recognises each person's own beliefs. Religion along with politics is NEVER discussed within the Lodge. Each member is free to pursue his religious convictions in a manner best suited to him.

Freemasonry is a fraternal association of men of good will and high values. Our constitution is in the public domain and there are a number of web sites that explain what Freemasonry is about. The secrecy behind the rituals or ceremonies is there to increase and focus the meaning and values of those rituals on to the candidate involved with them (to avoid spoilers). It also means we can identify people who say they are Freemasons but are not.

As a fraternity, Freemasonry provides a chance for men to enjoy a friendly atmosphere away from the hubbub of work. It encourages good will towards all mankind regardless of sex, creed, race etc. It promotes self-improvement and teaches the basic principles of Brotherly Love (Friendship), Relief (Support/Charity) and Truth (Integrity), which Freemasons also carry out in their daily lives.

Freemasonry welcomes men who seek harmony with their fellow man and who wish to take part in making the world a better place to live for everyone.